Fool 4 Food - Near PTY Airport alternative

Join our 2-hour, intimate and boozy cooking class right next to Panama PTY airport!

You'll get your hand busy making 5 Panamanian recipes (1 appetizer, 2 dishes, 1 drink and 1 dessert), then you'll eat and drink what you made.
Price: US$ 60 per participant.
Cancel upto 24hrs before class for a full refund.
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  • Crowne Plaza Panama Airport

  • Whatsapp or Call Us:

  • +55 21 98894-9857

  • You may call us everyday from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m

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Simone is the quintessential Panamanian!

All chefs are crazy. Anyone with a lucid mind wouldn’t spend all day in a hot kitchen dealing with demanding clients, moody waiters, reviewers and tight deadlines.

What makes Simone different is that she is really funny!What`s more, she is the quintessential Panamanian. Fun, smart, savvy, friendly and slick (malandra)!

She is also a master at group-dynamics, whereshe can make strangers into friends within an hour.

Her cooking class should be scheduled for your first day in Panama

What you will learn about Panama culture, about Panamanians and about exploring panama will illuminate the rest of your trip with a brighter light, maybe even X-ray vision. You`ll go from a visiting tourist to a sociologist, and that`s way more fun.

Sobook a classwith us for your first day in Panama. We`ve never been asked for a refund due to even an “average” experience in her class, so we are extremely happy to offer refunds. We’ve had people (whom we had to reschedule due to last minute “life” problems in Simone`s schedule) ask for a refund, which of course we honor, as it is only fair.

Go ahead, you won`t regret it.

– Cristiano Nogueira,co-founder of Fool 4 Food

P.S.You`ll learn lots, plus your first meal will be amazing, not just because of the Panamanian flavors, but because you made it.